Inspection/ Supplier Audit/ Lab Testing

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Open Box Sdn. Bhd. is your most trusted partner for manufacturer inspection. We provide inspection as a third party agency on behalf of customers. Utilizing our many years of accumulated inspection know-how, our manufacturing inspection support services offer tangible results in response to customers’ requests.

Through research and development, Open Box draws on the latest developments in the furniture industry, contributing to the delivery of safe and compliant products through professional practices.

Our Inspection Services

During Production Inspection

To lower the possibility of defect occurs during the production process.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Same as Final Inspection, we will select a few samples to check and test.

Incoming Quality Inspection

To make sure incoming raw material are at its acceptable quality according to our client’s standard.

Packaging Test Services

To determine if the packaging is suitable and able to protect the merchandise through the whole logistic process.

Factory Audit Services

To help potential buyers and importers to gain a better insight into the capability.

Factory Development Services

To review and improve your factory’s existing workflow.

Product Development Services

To meet demand for increased variety and faster deliveries .

Assembly Instruction Design & Drawing Services

Assembling the parts and components of furniture.


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